Monday, May 19, 2014

Shop's Open

Hey, I restocked and reopened my Etsy store. It's a been a good couple of years since I paid it any attention, but like so many things on the internet it was all still there waiting for me to click a few buttons.  Due to my camera problems I haven't added anything new to Etsy that I've made since 2012, like my fresh off the letterpress capitalism stickers. If you want any of those you'll have to contact me directly until I can get some decent pictures.
Happy Bus zine

Basic Book Craft Skills zine

Five Fossils

The Optimistic Heart

Boob Book

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Zine Fest!

I've been busy getting ready for the Hamilton Zinefest next weekend.  I've reprinted and sewn up new copies of the two zines I first published in 2009. Happy Bus and The Bibliophiliac's Little Book of Basic Book Craft Skills will be for sale to prove my zine 'cred'. I've also gone through my old artist's book stock boxes and pulled out a few stray copies of The Optimistic Heart, Boob Book, Cock Book, Five Fossils and Non-Linear Time (plus a few other surprises from my book arts past).

Inking up a silver ampersand on Phil's proofing press
 But it's not all old stuff! Lately I've been getting back into my letterpress groove, working  at Black Fox Press alongside Phil Guthrie.  He's got a big old proofing press, and I've got the speedy little Adana and between us we've got some (mostly wooden) type and all the kit.   Our backgrounds and skills are complementary, and I think we are both learning lots from working together.

It's appropriate to highlight the ampersand in our collaborative print.

Phil and I have collaborated to print a poster-sized quote from Flaubert as an aspirational motto for getting the workshop tidy to further unleash our creativity.  We'll be selling copies from this limited edition print, along with Phil's signature prints of poems and quotes in mixed wooden type.  

Inspired by the Zinefest, I've also printed a brand new edition of my Capitalism Cards, this time as stickers. The original cards benefited from the wide selection of typefaces, rules for printing lines and art blocks that I had access to in my first printing home at Te Kowhai Press in Whangarei back in 2007.  Black Fox Press is a much smaller operation and the stickers are thus a kind of austerity version of Capitalism, though almost as much fun as the originals I hope.  Who doesn't love stickers?

The stickers are printed on the Adana Press which, with its self-inking rollers and clamshell action, is perfect for making lots of little multiples. The Adana is also small enough for us to bring along to the Zinefest, where we will have it inked up for demonstrations throughout the day.  You might even get to pull your own print  of 'Drink Coffee' or 'For Fox Sake'.

Whatever I've got leftover after the Zinefest will be available to buy through the internet- I plan to restock and restart my lately languishing Etsy store (and you are always welcome to email me directly about buying anything).  Any profits will be going towards the purchase of a new camera: this one is on its sad last days, so that I never know whether I'm going to get a picture at all, but I can be sure that when I do, its probably not going to be very good. Apologies for the crappy photography. Come to the Zinefest if you can and buy some zines and stuff so I can start posting good pictures again!